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Save up to £25 on your order. Limited time only.

Save up to £25 on your order. Limited time only.

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Sun Hats with UV Protection

Solbari summer hats for women, men, and children are designed to offer maximum sun protection without compromising on style. Designed to cover your head, neck and even shoulders, a good quality sun protection hat (sometimes called floppy hat) has a wide brim design to shade your skin and prevent any direct contact with harmful UV rays. 

While the UK is considered to experience lowered UV strength, it’s still present even on cloudy days. This means that complete coverage protection is crucial to preventing the damaging health effects of UVR exposure (ultraviolet radiation) across the year. Wearing a wide-brim sun hat that offers full coverage for your head and neck is a simple method to protect your skin's health and is advised for days with a UV level of 3 or higher between the warmer months of March to October. 

At Solbari, our sun hats utilise cutting-edge UPF50+ fabric (the highest sun protective rating in the world) with stylish colours and versatile designs to make staying sun-safe simple. Our sun hats provide you with excellent sun protection and the full coverage you need for longer, happier, and worry-free days in the sun. Explore our sun shade hat collection for stylish and effective protection against UV damage to ensure your skin stays healthy. 


Functional Sun Hats That Are Both Sun Smart and Stylish

The face, neck, nose, and ears receive more sun exposure than most other parts of the body. Across the UK, there has been an increase of 169% in non-melanoma skin cancer since the early 1990s, most occurring on the face and neck. Prevention through sun protection is simple and keeps your skin safe.

All our sun protection hats are designed in Melbourne (Australia), independently tested in laboratories, and rated UPF50+ by the Australian Government to ensure they offer the highest sun protective rating available globally

The UPF50+ fabric that we create and use blocks out at least 98% of UVA and UVB rays to give you total peace of mind and keep your skin protected. You can choose from a great selection of sun hats with a range of different brim widths to best protect your skin from harmful UV rays while matching your unique style. From broad-brim sun hats that cover the entire face and comply with Cancer Council standards (brims at least 7.5cm/3” wide for an adult) to more stylish compact bucket hats to protect the eyes. We also provide flap neck sun hats like our legionnaire-style hats with long 15cm/6” flaps at the back to completely shade and protect the back of the neck. All our summer sun hats are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and versatile so you can stay cool, comfortable, and covered during long days in the sun. 

Many of our sun hats come with integrated high-quality sweatbands for improved comfort and to help absorb perspiration, along with sun-protective mesh panelling on both sides of the hat for ventilation, so your head remains cool even in the peak of summer. For added convenience, most of our sun hats have been designed with a removable chin strap with a locking toggle to ensure that your hat stays secure on windy days or when exercising while easily being removed to style it to your preference. Many of our summer hats come in different size options or with a drawstring at the back of the hat to allow for adjustable sizing, so it fits your head comfortably and well throughout the day.


Sun Protective Hats for Women, Men and Children

We have a wide range of protective sun hats for women, men and children, so the whole family can enjoy maximum UPF50+ sun protection on holiday or at the beach.

Research shows that men are three times more likely than women to develop skin cancer on the head or neck, which is why we work hard to create protective yet fashionable UPF50+ sun hats for men that provide generous coverage for the face and neck. We have a wide range of great styles to suit a variety of sports and outdoor activities, including legionnaires and bucket hats for golf and travel, broad-brim sun hats for hikingfishing and gardening, and visors for golf and tennis.

Solbari women’s sun hats come in several great styles and colours. Some of our sun hats for women are reversible with wide brims that you can use at the beach or when you are travelling and offer more versatility in their styling abilities. 

At Solbari, it is our mission to create sun-safe products that allow you to live a sun-safe life outdoors while ensuring the health of your skin is maintained. We offer worldwide shipping options to customers around the world to provide our innovative UV protection technology for anyone in the world. Find full coverage UV defence with Solbari sun hats today and enjoy longer, more carefree days in the sun. Browse our collection of packable hatswhite sun hatsblack sun hats and our hats designed for smaller and bigger head sizes online. 

Sun Hats with UV ProtectionSolbari summer hats for women, men, and children are designed to offer maximum sun... Sun Hats with UV ProtectionSolbari summer hats for women, men, and children are designed to offer maximum sun protection without compromising on style. Designed to cover your head,...