Shop UPF50+ Sun Hats for Kids

Our UPF 50+ kids sun hat collection is designed for maximum UV protection. All Solbari kids sun hats are made with fabrics that have been independently tested UPF50+ by the Australian Government. As well as offering maximum sun protection, our sun smart hats for kids are lightweight, breathable and adjustable to fit different head sizes. Solbari sun hat brim lengths are compliant with Cancer Council standards. Solbari sun safe hats for kids come in a couple of styles and multiple colours. The Solbari SPF 50+ Kids Playtime Sun Hat incorporates a legionnaires flap to provide additional neck UV protection coverage. The Solbari UV 50+ Kids Everyday Sun Hat is a classic broad brim sun hat shape which is very versatile for multiple outdoor activities. Sun protection for children is particularly important as skin ageing, skin cancer and melanoma is in more than 90% of cases due to cumulative exposure to UV rays. Solbari kids sun hats are designed in Melbourne, Australia. Solbari offers free shipping options.