Skin Cancer rates increase 150% in UK

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Skin Cancer rates increase 150% in UK
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Cancer Research UK announced this week that skin cancer incidence rates in the UK have increased markedly.

In the early 1970s, 1.5 people out of every 100,000 died of skin cancer. Fast forward to 2017 and that rate increased to 3.8 people per 100,000. This equates to a 153% increase over that time. 

Worryingly within that 2017 statistic, the rate with which men die of skin cancer in the UK increased by over 300% since the 1970s. This comes down to a number of factors but is mainly due to sun exposure and late detection. 

Reducing sun exposure is critical to reducing the likelihood of skin cancer. Over 90% of skin cancer cases are related to over exposure to UV radiation. Early detection is also essential, men are less likely to self-check their skin or get an independent skin check with a doctor or dermatologist, therefore, the likelihood of a skin cancer being detected late/at a more advanced stage is increased.

Sadly, with this increase in skin cancer deaths, it is now the fifth most common cancer in the UK. 16,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the UK every year.

This year the UK recorded its highest ever levels of UV radiation, so it possible for life threatening sun exposure in the UK as well as any foreign holiday. It is no longer uncommon for UV levels to reach 8-10 which is classified as “very high”. At this UV level, a person with fair skin could burn within a matter of minutes of they are unprotected.

Dermatologists agree that the best way to protect yourself from sun burn, skin ageing, melanoma and other skin cancers is to wear specialist UPF 50+ sun protective clothing, broad brim sun hats.

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