Skin Cancer Detection App

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Only One Skin App is allowed per transaction, available only to customers in Australia and the UK. This item is not eligible for return and refund.

Only One Skin App is allowed per transaction, available only to customers in Australia and the UK. This item is not eligible for return and refund.

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Check a suspicious spot anywhere, anytime by simply taking a photo on your smartphone.

Purchasing this App unlocks 12 months of unlimited skin checks and support from SkinVision's peer-reviewed team of skin specialists. 

After significant research into skin cancer detection technology, Solbari has teamed up with SkinVision to enable you to check for skin cancer cost-effectively and in the privacy of your own home.

SkinVision is a proven technology used by over 1 million users and has enabled over 40,000 skin cancers to be detected globally to date. SkinVision has won a number of healthcare technology awards and is trusted by large health insurance companies and Government healthcare systems including the NHS in the UK.

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  • Purchase the SkinVision App here at a discounted price. This price includes 12 months of unlimited skin checks
  • We will send you a unique link by email which will enable you to download the SkinVision App onto your smartphone.
  • Use the App to take photos of your moles and skin spots
  • Get an instant risk recommendation (low/medium /high risk) and advice on what to do next
  • Track and catalogue your moles and skin spots to check for changes in shape or size

Immediate Clinical Insights

Set skin check reminders and catalogue your moles and skin spots to track any changes over time. All photos taken by SkinVision are subject to strict data privacy regulations.

Clinically Validated, Dermatologist Supported & Award-Winning

The SkinVision App is a regulated and CE marked medical service. The clinically validated algorithm has been able to detect high-risk skin lesions with 95% accuracy rate. It’s supported by world-class dermatologists and celebrated around the world for its life-changing effectiveness.

We want to emphasise that the SkinVision App does not reduce the importance of getting a suspicious lesion checked by a medical expert. There is functionality in the SkinVision App which allows to share stored photos taken by SkinVision with your healthcare professional. If you are not comfortable with the SkinVision risk assessment, we recommend that you immediately get a second opinion. Whether an assessment is done by a human or a machine-learning algorithm like SkinVision there are ultimately limitations which can only be resolved by pathology. Neither are an absolute guarantee in terms of accuracy and we are certainly not representing that SkinVision provides that.

Skinvision is only available to individuals located in Australia or the United Kingdom.

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All Solbari fabrics are tested and rated UPF 50+ in Australia by the representative Australian government agency, ARPANSA, in accordance with the standard AS 4399:2020.

Most people don’t realise that not all fabrics protect the same from the sun. In fact, a regular, white cotton t-shirt may have a sun protective rating equivalent to wearing only SPF 5 sunscreen. This is why we created Solbari; to offer our customers an effective sun-protection solution that keeps their skin safe from the sun all day long. A UPF50+ rating is the highest achievable in the world and is equivalent to wearing SPF50+ sunscreen, without the need for reapplication. You can think of Solbari as SPF50+ for clothing!

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