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What is sunscreen clothing?

Solbari Blog: What is sunscreen clothing

What is sunscreen clothing?

Sunscreen clothing is another name for sun protective clothing.

Other names that are commonly used to describe sun protective clothing include sun protection clothing, uv cut clothing, UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), UVR (ultraviolet radiation), SPF (sun protection factor) clothing.

Sun protective clothing doesn’t literally have sunscreen built into the fabric. UPF is the sun protective rating for fabrics and SPF is the sun protective rating for sunscreen. If clothing is described as having a SPF rating, it is incorrect.

Sun protective clothing utilises fabrics which should materially improve the level of sun protection versus regular clothing. Sun protective clothing utilises fabrics which have a higher weave density, tend to use woven or knitted fabrics, thicker fabrics and darker colours.

UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor and is the rating system for fabrics

Australia invented the sun protective UPF rating system for clothing in the 1990s.

A regular t-shirt may only have a UPF of 5 (which means that 20% of ultraviolet radiation can penetrate the fabric) whereas a UPF of 50+ means that only up to 2% of ultraviolet radiation can penetrate the fabric.

UPF 50+ is the highest achievable sun protection rating for fabrics.

Dermatologists recommend sun protective clothing and broad brim sun hats as the best way to prevent sunburn, skin ageing and skin cancer.

Solbari Sun Protection offers an award winning range of UPF 50+ sun protective clothing, broad brim sun hats, UPF arm-sleeves and UV block umbrellas.

Solbari is based in Melbourne, Australia and has customers in over 60 countries.

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