Customer Testimonials*

Super comfortable

Good quality and super comfortable fabric, found this to really go well with my sensitive skin and eczema. Fits well and great for wearing when outdoors or in the sun.
Monica from Queensland, Australia 

Very comfortable

  Fingerless Gloves UPF50+ Sun Protection
Love this product - very comfortable, covers the areas on my hands I was concerned about when driving and really like the colour!
Miriam from Toowoomba, Australia

The only hat you need!

  Everyday Sun Hat UPF50+
I received my Everyday Sun hat promptly and I am delighted with my purchase. The hat is very comfortable and stylish. I have purchased a number of sun hats over the years as I have been impacted with skin cancer related issues, but this is my new favourite for sure. Thank you for your great service to the community.
Deb from New South Wales, Australia 


  Trousers UPF50+ Dry Stretch Collection
As some one who travels a lot with work to hot and very high, sometimes extreme UV index these are just what I need. Very comfortable very light and airy. As a Melanoma survivor these are just what I needed. Quick delivery. I feel so happy that I can now go out and feel protected. Thank you Solbari, you really have made my day.
Nigel from UK 

I absolutely love the arm sleeves

  Arm Sleeves UPF50+ CoolaSun Collection
I purchased arm sleeves a little while back. I absolutely love these. I do a lot of Mountain bike riding and I am forever wearing these when riding. As I am on the road all day for work in and out of cars, I use these as well and have had so many comments from fellow staff members who I have passed on your website details too.
Antony from Australia

Amazing coverage and sun protection

  Compact Sun Protective Umbrella UPF50+
I'm very pleased with my new umbrella. It is compact and provides amazing coverage. I bought it last month and take it with me all the time.
Allison from New South Wales, Australia 

Good for walks on the beach

  Full Zip Top with Back Zip Pocket UPF50+
I've worn this jacket for a few months now. I walk my dogs on the beach every morning and this is my go to top. Easy to put on and not too warm. It's actually got a cooling effect on my skin if the wind picks up a little, which is nice.
George from Queensland, Australia

Stylish and comfortable!

  Explorer Shirt UPF50+ Dry Lite Comfort Stretch Collection
Not only is this shirt incredibly breathable and lightweight on my sensitive skin, it is also beautiful and I know I'm protecting myself from the sun every time I wear it.
Kate from Victoria, Australia